Oral History Achievements

Oral History 2015

Three learners, Ziphozethu Metu (Grade 9), Gabrielle Murgan (Grade 9) and Lifa Hlope (Grade 10) participated in the nKosi Albert Luthuli Oral History Competition. In this competition, learners research a topic and conduct oral interviews supplemented with in depth research. Written portfolios and oral presentations are then conducted.

In the District Elimination rounds, Ziphozethu Metu claimed first position with her project on a gender activist and Gabrielle Murgan claimed 3rd position with her biography of the late Reggie Vandeyar, a Robben Island veteran. The two proceeded to the provincial round of the competition, where again they excelled with Ziphozethu again claiming the top spot. The duo proceeded to the national round where they competed with learners from across the country. Gabrielle Murgan emerged the winner.

Gabrielle paid a fitting tribute to the late Reggie Vandeyar having interviewed him only a week before his passing.

The school was also proudly represented in the educator's category by Avryl Murgan who after winning the district and provincial rounds, clinched the second spot in the national finals.

The school indeed made history and set the bar very high as the learners achieved a feat that is not likely to be achieved by another school, given that they won all rounds at all levels and in all categories.

Oral History 2014

On the 20th - 23rd of September Themba Mathibe and Shandre' Smith of Gibson Pillay Learning Academy represented "Gauteng" province at the National Nkosi Albert Luthuli Oral History Programme.

These Learners were given topics which they needed to choose from. The aim is to gather as much information on these topics as possible. Themba chose history of my community and showed how the Church and Regina Mundi played a significant role during the struggle, while Shandre' Smith did the 100th anniversary of the Anti-women's pass resistance.

During the first stages they were placed in to various rooms and had to compete with those provinces and only once they have won their room had they advanced to Finals. Unfortunately Themba's room was tough and he did not make it but for the fact that he came so far we are extremely proud of him! Fortunately enough Shandre' managed to win her room and be Amongst the Top 8 in South Africa in the finals the following day! Shandre' then managed to obtain 2nd place in the final round!

Shandre' had this to say after the competition: "I'm speechless, I still can't believe it! I have learnt the significant role which women played in the struggle, I learnt more about women's marches ,I learnt the important roles of two women(Charlotte Maxeke & Lilian Ngoyi) who I now look up to. In doing this oral history project we had many challenges. I learnt the true meaning and the origination of "Wathint' Abafazi Wathint' imbokodo"-"You Strike a Woman u strike a rock".